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Image by Susan Q Yin


Kaare loves NOLA and the people, animals, and characters that make it so special.  There are a few community causes that stand out and garner Kaare's support.  

Humane Society of Louisiana


See all those sweet nuggets above?  Those are Kaare's babies — his two dogs, Toli, an Australian Shepherd, and BlueBoy, a basset hound, that who can be heard every day on his show at the top of each hour.  He also has two cats, Sparky, an indoor, and Puffy, an outdoor.


You can't have them, but you can go to the Humane Society of Louisiana and adopt one of your own.  Can't adopt but want to support?   No problem!  Every May Kaare does a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Louisiana.  Click below to donate through his fundraiser; otherwise please considering donating directly on

St Michael Special School

Recognized as a NASET School of Excellence, St. Michael Special School is a leader in Special Education, providing a Catholic environment where students with special educational needs are able to grow in faith and reach their full potential – academically, socially, and physically. 

Maple Leaf Patio

To love New Orleans is to love the Maple Leaf Bar.  They had to remove the trees in their courtyard due to extensive termite damage and are now rebuilding the Leaf Patio one brick at a time.  Be immortalized forever with your name on a brick.

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